Love Henna is a creative space which brings together a love for art and rich cross-cultural and spiritual influences.
Explore this creative space and find yourself immersed amongst an eclectic range of inspiring and sacred art.

It started with a henna design...

Henna artist, Ami Patel offers a dedicated body art service to a range of events.

Love Henna was founded when Ami's henna designs found themselves on clothing, home textiles, canvassas and various home accessories from candles to vases and photo frames. 


In 2013, Love Henna launched a collection of handprinted clothing items inspired by henna and sacred art. The garments are all made from beautifully soft and comfortable bamboo, organic cotton and natural fibers and the designs have been printed using environmentally-friendly, solvent-free inks. 

Available now to purchase online.


Love Henna is committed to caring for our planet.

All collections encourage and support environmentally sustainable and ethical production methods.


Love Henna Body Art uses only natural henna to create beautiful temporary tattoos.